Review of our bodum double wall Coffee Maker

We were asked by some people if we prefer to use pourover or a french press to make our coffee with fresh grounds.  We normally use the pourover method and we like to make at least 6 cups of coffee at a time since the first hour in the morning we go through multiple cups of coffee.  We like to use the bodum double wall coffee maker with a permanent stainless steel filter that produces a rich taste and robust aroma when we brew freshly ground coffee.

The one we like is Double wall Coffee Maker, 8 cup, 1.0 l, 34 oz from  It is very simple to use, easy to clean, and is large enough to meet our needs in the morning.  

the bodum product page tell you how to brew delicious coffee with the filter coffee maker pour over as follows:

  1. Place your pour over on a flat, heatproof, non-slip surface.
  2. Add fresh, filter ground coffee to the cone – we recommend one rounded teaspoon or one Bodum scoop for each cup/4oz water.
  3. Slowly pour hot (not boiling) water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds, until they’re evenly saturated. Then pour additional hot water up to maximum capacity.
  4. Allow water to pass through the coffee into the glass carafe (this takes around four minutes).
  5. Remove the filter, insert the plastic lid, and pour a great cup of joe.

We give it a 10 out of 10 since we have been using this for years!

The link to the pourover coffee maker is as follows:



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