Review of the COSORI 1.7L Electric Kettle

We use an electric kettle for our pour over coffee with our bodum glass carafe that we reviewed already.  We use the electric kettle not only for our pour over coffee but also for our french press coffee and for our teas we have throughout the afternoon and evening.  That said, we get a lot of use of our electric kettle and it is awesome.  It has an automatic shut-off and it has boil dry protection so we don't break it when not paying attention to how much water is in the kettle.  The kettle is made with superior-quality 304 stainless steel and borosilicate glass to keep your water safe and tasting pure for years to come.  It automatically shuts off 30 seconds after it finishes boiling, and boil-dry protection prevents the kettle from turning on when there is no water. It has quick boiling times ranging from 3—7 minutes so you can enjoy your coffee, tea, or even oatmeal in no time.  The large capacity of 7 US cups or 1.7 L large capacity allows you to boil as much or as little water as you need.

We definitely recommend this electric kettle that you can get online at Amazon by following this link:


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