About Us

We get many questions about how we got started and why we named our company the way we did.  Plus we get questions about who we support and do we pay fair prices to the coffee growers.  



I wanted to open a coffee business since I started drinking black coffee and the flavor really matters more to me now. I researched it then went to look for a webpage as part of naming my business. Not much luck with all the names I wanted to use. I then started thinking about how the best time for me to say my rosary was first thing in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee. And I wanted to involve Mary somewhere in my business name or mission. RosaryCoffee.com was available.

The main reason to start the company may have been selfish since I wanted freshly roasted coffee but I felt called also to find a way to raise money for pregnancy clinics as well as the victims of sex trafficking.

And that is how it became Rosary Coffee and our mission is defined.

As I like to say -  Great Coffee for a Great Cause. I hope you enjoy our coffee and our mission.



I work with roasting companies in the US that work directly with micro farms and farming cooperatives and all farmers receive a fair price. I received confirmation that all of their coffee is ethically sourced in this manner.
I wanted everyone to know that we do care about this topic and wanted you to know our answer.
We feel very passionate about our mission and don't want to hurt the farmers that grow the coffee in any way.

We are proud to say we have chosen Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic as well as the Tim Tebow Foundation as to where we are sending our donations.
At the end of each month we will calculate what we owe and send a check to each organization. I hope that answers everyone's questions. Thanks!